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Utilities Survey

With favorable weather conditions, processing a request for marking the utilities on your property will take a few hours. Conversely, having your respective utility surveyor actually mark your property will take between 4-6 business days. 

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Our experienced assembly and installation professionals will excavate a hole up to 4 feet deep and 2 feet wide. With this in mind, normally the process of pouring concrete and installing anchor kits will take between 90-120 minutes.

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With all things being equal the final in-ground basketball installation will be on this day. Our assembly and installation crew will erect & level the basketball post, attach supports, and mount your assembled & leveled backboard to regulation. 

Weather Constraints 

In reference to scheduling in-ground basketball installations proactive monitoring of weather forecasts is a necessity. As well as Storm Team 4's accurate real-time reporting.  

Weather conditions to keep in mind when it comes to scheduling in-ground basketball installations is best described by the three classifications listed below.

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Inclement Precipitation

Concrete requires H20, although this may be true, too much water will be disastrous for concrete.

In the first place, rainfall runoff will always pool at the base of the footer weakening the concrete and curing time. In addition, excessive rainfall will cause air pockets to develop jeopardizing the structural integrity of a ballast.

Ideal Weather 

By far the optimal.

Installations are ideal when temperatures are above 39 degrees and nighttime temps remain above 32 degrees.


In-ground basketball installations are placed on hold for the most part when temperatures fall below and remain below freezing.

During freezing temperatures, Sakrete, tends to freeze, chip, and develop a bluish color rendering too feeble to support J-bolts. 

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