Let Your Neighborhood Assembly Service Handle Your IKEA Furniture

  • By Marketing Team
  • 13 Mar, 2017

Assembling IKEA Furniture Made Easy

You found it: a fantastic piece of furniture at the ideal price. In fact, the price was more than ideal; it was cheaper than you could have ever imagined. When you tell your friends what you paid for the stunning piece, they start to question if you're shopping exclusively at the thrift store these days.

You're not. You just found an incredible bargain at the retail giant, IKEA. While you adore your new piece, you'd never mention to your besties how much of a hassle it was to put the thing together. One would think easy installation means five to ten minutes of reading and putting things together.

You quickly found out "easy installation" meant three cups of coffee, a few broken fingernails and a couple of hours of frustration. What makes it worse is you just learned about the best IKEA furniture assembler in your area. All of your pain could have been avoided!

Assembling IKEA Furniture Made Easy

Residents in the Maryland, Washington, D.C., southern Pennsylvania, and northern Virginia areas needn't worry about the hassle of installing IKEA furniture. Instead, let expert IKEA furniture assemblers handle these tough tasks for you.

We understand your pain assembling IKEA furniture. It can be a hassle (and we both know that's an understatement!) Research has even shown that a trip to IKEA can be the start of a relationship going down the tubes. Many trace their breakup to that fateful first trip to IKEA.

Now, we don't want to be dramatic, but you needn't stress over IKEA furniture installations. It doesn't have to be difficult. Even though we know what you're going through and have felt the pain of installing IKEA furniture, we also know how simple it can be - because we've done it before.

Experience Matters

If this is your first time assembling IKEA furniture, then it's normal to struggle. You'll likely get frustrated. We understand that. The good news is our expert assemblers won't. After hundreds upon hundreds of IKEA furniture installations, we simplified the process.

When you hire an assembly company, your furniture will be assembled quickly and effortlessly. You'll be able to sip a nice summer lemonade while our handymen handle your IKEA issue.

Don't Avoid the Deal!

IKEA furniture is priced to sell. You can find some amazing deals in the store. However, many people have stopped shopping at the superstore due to installation difficulties. You don't have to!

Use a small portion of the savings you found at IKEA to hire a professional installer. You'll still end up with a great deal. Plus, you'll avoid the hassle and headache of IKEA furniture installation .

If you're in the Maryland, Washington, D.C., Southern Pennsylvania or Northern Virginia area, get in touch. At Any Assembly, we specialize in IKEA installation services. We'll have your new pieces up quickly, allowing you to relax and bask in your recent bargain.

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