You Can Rely on Home Assembly Services for Your Accessibility Equipment

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  • 13 Mar, 2017

Getting Everything Handled

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Change is never easy. Moving is always a hassle. Both of these things become harder when you have a disability. While this is common sense, there's nothing ordinary about the problems often caused by physical disabilities.

Oftentimes you may need assembly and installation services . At Any Assembly, we’ve installed and assembled accessibility equipment for hundreds living with physical challenges. We've also helped people with disabilities receive the aid they need to manage life at work and at home.

Getting Everything Handled

While your workplace will often try to accommodate you as much as possible, your home is typically your responsibility. Most people with disabilities find their home becomes a sanctuary - a place to relax, unwind and get away.

As such, getting the home set up just right can vastly improve the quality of life for those with physical challenges. The quickest way to improve the quality of life is to get accessibility equipment set up correctly for each person.

Everyone is different so no accessibility equipment installation is quite the same as the next. However, there are commonalities. Typical pieces of accessibility equipment include:

·       Elevators

·       Inclined platform lifts

·       Stairway chair lifts

·       Vertical platform lifts

·       Ramps

·       Handrails

·       Medical alert systems

·       Wider doorways

·       Lever-style handles on doors

·       Improved night lighting

...And more!

The Tip of the Iceberg

These pieces of accessibility equipment are just the tip of the iceberg. Every situation will require a different setup and assembly. No stairlift installation is the same. The installation experts at Any Assembly understand this.

As the premier home assembly service in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore areas, we've seen nearly every type of accessibility equipment out there, and we've assembled and installed them all.

If you're in the area and looking for the best home assembly services  to help you prepare your home for someone with physical challenges, we are here to help. Our professional staff understands the needs of those with disabilities and can ensure your home is properly set up.

We’ll handle every inch of planning, preparation and installation. Our goal is to make your home ideal for you and/or a loved one. We strive to install accessibility equipment that makes everyone's lives better.

Get in Touch

Get the assembly services you need. If you're looking to have accessibility equipment installed in the greater Washington, D.C. metro area, get in touch  today. Our prompt staff is ready and willing to assist in whatever ways necessary. With years of experience in the installation and assembly industry, we're positive we can have your equipment properly installed from the jump.

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