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Home Furniture Assembly, disassembly and moving service in Maryland
home furniture assembly service
Any Assembly, a fully licensed and insured company, is the gold standard for office furniture delivery, assembly, and installation. Our combination of professionalism, value, and top ranked customer service has allowed us to grow from one location to multiple offices in multiple states in less than a decade! Our workers are trained to be efficient, polite and relaible.

Setting aside a space in your home for an office can be an exciting venture. Even buying all of the furniture and planning out the room thoroughly is pretty entertaining, but many people end up hitting a road block when it comes to actually having to assemble furniture that goes into the office. Any type of home office usually has multiple items of furniture that are placed in the room, and some of these items can be very difficult to assemble and finish building without damaging the items or scraping the room in some way. Learning how to complete this could take quite some time, but there is a suitable alternative to this problem that will not only leave you with extra time in your day, but will ensure that each and every piece is assembled with the utmost care.

We are used to moving large items through tight spaces which can be very difficult for some items when you‘re trying to put them in a home office. We are skilled completing assembly even if a small piece or the appropriate tools are missing and we can even work without instruction booklets! Our experts are so experienced at assembling large pieces that they can look at the flat-packed item and quickly determine what goes where and how the complete piece will fit together.

We get your assembly and installation right the first time, which cuts down on both time and item wear-and-tear, resulting in a long-lasting, dependable piece for your office! After your free consultation, our experts will determine the best and most cost-effective way to meet your delivery, assembly, and installation needs on your budget and timeline. We work weekends and evenings to suit your needs, and we perform complete installations of office furniture, along with on-site maintenance and reconfigurations.

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