Utilities Survey & HOA Approval

Utilities Survey

This section is designed to assist homeowners in understanding how to use the Survey systems available at their disposal.

Before making our first visit, we require homeowners to:

Attain Permission from your Home Owners Association and the appropriate state Utility Service.

State and local authorities require a utility clearance to be tendered before digging a hole four feet deep and two feet wide. 

It is important you consult with home owners’ association and local municipalities nearest you. Have a utility surveying company come out and mark utility lines at your residence. Click on your respective state below for more information.  

We can communicate with the utility company on your behalf if you choose us to preform an installation for you. But before we can do that, we will need you to provide us with a plan of your home and your preferred installation spots (two).

Should any electrical or plumbing obstruction be found in the first spot, we will have no other choice but to install in-ground basketball system in the second spot.

                                  CHOOSE THE STATE THAT'S RIGHT FOR YOU!!!!

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