A Complete Guide to Grill Assembly and Maintenance

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  • 23 Jun, 2017

Now that summer's here, it's the perfect time to barbecue outside with friends and family. Find out all you need to know about grill assembly and maintenance.

Grill Testing after Assembly
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Grilling outdoors is one of the best ways to spend a summer evening.However, your evening plans can be quickly spoilt if your grill isn't working properly. You need to assemble the grill properly to ensure it doesn't let you down at the hour of need. You must also keep up with cleaning and maintenance.If you don't take proper care of your grill, you can shorten its lifespan very quickly. Burners can clog easily, gunk can build up and  cause small fires,  and rust can take over a once shiny looking machine. Luckily, assembling and maintaining a grill doesn't require a lot of effort. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about grill assembly and maintenance.

Assembly Question

When it comes to grill assembly, you have two choices: do it yourself or have a professional assembler installing it for you. If you are comfortable with grills, there's no reason you can't do the assembly yourself. It will save you some money, and when the time to clean the grill or replace its parts comes, you'll know exactly how each piece fits together. However, it's always a good idea to have a buddy  help you with grill assembly . They can double-check your work and ensure each bolt is snuggly in place. Most hardware stores offer grill assembly for a small fee. However, just because they offer it, doesn't mean everyone who assembles is a trusted professional. When shopping for a grill, check the ones that are on display in the store. Are they put together correctly? Are they wobbly or missing parts? If so, this might be a sign that you should do the assembly on your own. You can also hire a professional assembler to put together your grill for you.  Hiring a professional assembler  it the best way to ensure your grill functions properly and safely.


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        1. Check for Propane Leaks

You should  check for propane leaks  once per month. Grab a bucket of soapy water and pour it along the gas line and the connections, keeping the propane turned on. Bubble formations indicate that there is a leak. To fix it, you need to either replace the line or tighten the connection.

        2. Keep the Grill Covered

Your grill should always be covered when it's not in use.A grill cover protects your grill from outside elements that will make it rusty and dirty. Most grills do not come with a grill cover, so you will need to purchase one separately. 

        3. Clean Regularly 

Spot clean your grill after each use. It only takes a few minutes to brush the grates and wipe down the exterior, yet this small task can add years to your grill. Once a week, you should also turn the grill up to high for 15 minutes. Doing so will help prevent excess gunk from building up.Deep cleaning should be performed every few months. Grab a sponge, a grill brush, and a bucket of soapy water. Give the entire grill a good scrub down, disassembling where necessary to get in between the cracks and crevices.

Grill Assembly and Maintenance: Wrap Up

Assembling and maintain a grill isn't a difficult task when you have the right tips in your fingertips.Hopefully, this article has gotten you excited about purchasing your gas grill!

If you have any questions about assembly or maintenance, you can always   hit us up   or leave a comment blow.

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