Furniture Disassembly

Furniture & Sofa Disassembly

Furniture & Sofa Disassembly

At Any Assembly, we offer a variety of furniture disassembly and reassembly services. Surprisingly, one of our popular offerings is sofa disassembly services. We wouldn’t have believed it, either. But getting a sofa in and out of doorways can be a nightmare of epic proportions. It can be exceptionally difficult to pick up a heavy sofa and maneuver it through your home or office space.

If you’re planning to swap sofas in your home or move your office furniture from one building to another, then even the smallest tasks can become big problems. Things like carrying a sofa through a door can take hours on end to figure out. Often, tools are required. Furniture installations never go as planned…

Unless you work with the pros at Any Assembly – the furniture installation company for furniture disassembly in DC and much more. We specialize in disassembling, moving and reassembling every type of sofa.

Why Moving Your Sofa Alone Isn’t a Great Idea

As the furniture disassembly and reassembly experts in the Washington, DC area – we’ve seen it all. Moving your sofa alone is a dangerous idea because:

You could hurt yourself. We’ve seen many people hurt their backs when moving or disassembling a sofa.

You could break the sofa. Disassembling parts of a sofa offers opportunity to break nuts, bolts, legs and more. There’s also always a chance you’ll lose a part you’ve disassembled from your sofa.

…And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

If health, safety and peace of mind are of any concern, then working with a professional furniture disassembly service in DC is of utter importance. This is where the experienced professionals at Any Assembly come in.

We know how to properly disassemble and assemble the sofa, along with all your other furniture. Your furniture will be transported from your current address to the new address, and immediately assembled over there. This process will not take much time and the condition of the sofa will remain exactly the same. We guarantee it.

Any Assembly – The Furniture Installations Company You Need

Our company works throughout the week and our professionals are available 24/7 to help you with any needs. Sofa disassembly service in DC is never an issue. We also offer free consultations and offer reasonable quotes at the end of each meeting.

Our white glove delivery process guarantees your sofa will fit through even the smallest of doorways. We even offer spiral staircase moving services. No matter the type of sofa you have, we can assemble, disassemble, reassemble and move it.

Be sure to get in touch today to learn more about our furniture disassembly and reassembly services. We look forward to helping your move your sofa and more.

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