Virginia Utility Survey Law

Virginia State Law 

 If you are planning any type of digging project, you should call just to be on the safe side. Many utilities, such as cable television lines, are buried very close to the surface. While it might not be life threatening, you’d hate to miss the big game because you were planting begonias. There is no cost to the homeowner for our service, so you really have no downside.


If you can handle a computer then making a phone call should be second nature. Just call 811 – You will be connected to 811's one-call center located in Roanoke, Va. 
A courteous professional is standing by to help you complete your ticket submission.

When should you call?
To avoid damaging underground utility lines on their property, homeowners should contact Virginia 811 at least 3 working days (excluding weekends and legal holidays) before beginning any digging project. If you have a mobile device or computer with internet connection, you can submit a request online. 


Put those computer skills to use and submit an even more convenient On-Line request. You can submit a locate request by using 811's Single Address Ticket (SAT) application. 
To access the application, CLICK HERE!

Hire a Contractor?
It is the contractor’s responsibility to call before digging. Be insistent on this because you are the one who will be endangered or inconvenienced if your contractor hits a utility.

Also, be understanding. We live in a fast-paced world and everyone wants their projects completed promptly, however, allowing time for marking is just good sense. Some contractors seek to gain advantage by saying they can start a digging project without marking. That is a violation of Virginia law.

Disclaimer of Liability:

This reproduction of the Code of Virginia – the Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act, and Rules for Enforcement – is provided solely as a convenience for the person or persons reading this document and is not to be used as a legal reference document. Every effort has been made to reproduce this document accurately, but none of the following: State Corporation Commission, Virginia Utility Protection Services Inc., nor any offices, employees or agents of any of the above-named entities, makes any representations or warranties as to the accuracy of this reproduction. Persons seeking a legal reference document should utilize the Code of Virginia itself.

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