Don't Stress Over Your New IKEA Furniture Assembly

  • By Marketing Team
  • 08 Mar, 2017

IKEA furniture assembly 


Well-priced and stylish furniture sounds great in theory. In practice, things tend to get a little iffy when it comes time to take your new purchase out of the box and put it together. Ikea claims to create furniture people can easily assemble. Many Ikea shoppers who've attempted to assemble a piece of furniture from the retail giant would disagree.

The Bad News

A trip to Ikea is usually the first step in furnishing a new apartment or home together, so most Ikea furniture assemblers tend to be younger couples or newlyweds. With the incredible selection, fair prices, and fast casual food always available – you would think a day at Ikea would be enjoyable.

However, research has shown it’s not. Numerous experts have reported that shopping at Ikea and assembling furniture can be a breaking point in a relationship. Many a fuming call has been placed to professional Ikea furniture assemblers with a sense of urgency after an argument involving putting new Ikea purchases together.

The Good News

If you’re struggling with being the head Ikea furniture assembler in your household, don’t feel bad. The job is tough. The good news is you probably already got a good deal on your new pieces, so spending a bit more on Ikea furniture assembly services  could still be in the budget.

Ikea Furniture Assembly Services from Any Assembly

Being a first time Ikea furniture assembler  usually isn’t easy. In fact, it rarely is. At Any Assembly, we feel your pain. Offering Ikea installation services over the years, we’ve had to deal with tricky installations and assemblies countless times. While the professionals at Any Assembly can’t help confrontations from the shopping side of things, we can help a minor battle from exploding into a full-on fight.

If you’re in the Maryland, Washington, D.C., Southern Pennsylvania or Northern Virginia area, don’t let a silly furniture installation hinder your roommate compatibility or wedded bliss. At Any Assembly, we offer the stress-free assembly services you need. Get in touch  today to learn more about how Any Assembly can take care of your Ikea furniture assembly services.

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