How Can We Help You Prep Your Music Hall?

  • By Marketing Team
  • 13 Mar, 2017

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Music Hall installation

Your musical hall audience doesn't care how you set up your performance space. People don't see the blood, sweat and tears it took to pull off the incredible performance. Most in the audience are the same. They only have one goal: to hear the beautiful music coming from the stage.

Your months, even years, of hard work is irrelevant to them. That time you spent memorizing and practicing doesn't exist. All that matter is the final product. All that matters is the performance. The final form. The art.

More Than the Art

You're a professional. You know there's even more to the performance than simple, pure art. There's a lot of setup involved in a perfect performance. It takes a lot to prepare and prime the music hall.

You know there's a lot of scenic construction that needs to be taken care of before you can take the stage. This often involves furniture assembly, set creation, acoustic set up and much more.

Next, you have to deal with electrical prep. Once the furniture installation  companies are done, you need to get all the electrics ready. This includes getting all the lighting instruments correct and hanging lights in place to illuminate the stage just right.

Prop assembly comes next, and we all know how difficult that can be. Not only do individuals involved in prop prep have to be handy at assembly and installation, but they must also have a creative side and work well with the creative crews to get things down pat.

At this point, you know you're getting closer to your art. If your music hall features a large number of musicians performing on any given night, there could be many costumes, chairs and music stands needed to make the magic happen. Things like designs and fitting come to mind, but moving more than 20 costumes and countless chairs and stands at once can be a hassle.

You're Finally Ready

Once the stage is set in your music hall, all you have to do is perform. It's pure. Just you, others performing and the audience. No more worries. Just showtime! This is why you practice your craft, for when the bright lights come on.

If you've performed in a music hall before, you know getting to showtime can be easier said than done. Preparation often hits snag after snag. From installation issues, lighting hold up, prop problems and more, there's a lot of stress in trying to perfect everything.

Any Assembly to the Rescue

At Any Assembly, we understand what it takes to set up your perfect performance space. We've worked with many production companies in the past when preparing a music hall became a problem. We know you have other things to worry about other than moving chairs and painting walls. That's where we come in. You won't find any other furniture assembly companies  with more know-how than us.

Any Assembly is the installation and assembly experts you need to ensure your production goes on perfectly. We can help you prep your music hall, install the set, assemble any furniture and props, move costumes and instruments and more.

We are the experts you need when furniture installation in DC  is a priority. Get in touch  with us if you need any help preparing your music hall for the big day.

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