Is Storage Shed Assembly Simple?

  • By Vlad Shymko
  • 31 Mar, 2017

Shed Installation Tips and DIY Features

You've purchased a storage shed kit and are eagerly awaiting delivery. With a few do-it-yourself projects under your belt you feel rather confident in tackling this project on your own. Chances are you have a nice collection of standard household tools. Before your storage shed arrives, a bit of preparation will help assembly go smoother. Getting familiar with what to expect may help you decide if you really want to go it on your own. Although a typical storage shed kit comes with a guide on how to put everything together, you may decide, after all, to call in a team of professional assemblers .

Define The Site: The site for your shed will need to be level and dry. For reference, place four stakes where the corners of the shed will be. Walk around the staked out perimeter to assure that you have about 3' of clearance between the shed's location and any nearby structure, such as a fence or other building. Determine if electrical access will be possible at this location. You may need some extra power cords to span the distance.

Prep The Site: For best results, you want the ground beneath your storage shed to remain dry and drain well during rainfall. Determine that there are no underground utility cables at your selected site. Remove sod and level the exposed surface of earth. Cover with a layer of pea gravel and/or masonry blocks.

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Choose A Foundation: Your storage shed will need a solid foundation. Wooden platforms are common and easy to work with. A poured concrete foundation will enhance the stability of your storage shed and last longer. Selection is usually based on personal preference, intended use and expected length of time the storage shed will be in use.

Securing To Foundation: Regardless of which foundation is selected, the storage shed will need to be attached to it. Screws are used for a wooden platform. When attaching a shed to a concrete base, it is necessary to use anchor bolts and nuts specifically designed for use with concrete building materials. A drill bit designed for use with concrete will also be necessary.

Walls Panels: The panels of metal sheds are quite thin. Although this creates a lightweight material that one person can easily lift, it also results in the panels being flimsy and flexible. Trying to stabilize side panels during installation turns out to be a multi-person job.

Roof It: After the walls have been erected and stabilized, it's time to add the roof. It is important to get this part of the job right. Otherwise, you will end up with a leaky shed. You certainly don't want any slip of the drill here or you could end up poking a hole in your roof! Roofing a storage shed is a 3-part process: installing front and back gables, roof beams and then, finally, the roof panels. For optimum waterproofing, metal storage sheds will usually include center and side coverings designed to better secure the roof and prevent water intrusion.

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Egress: The last stage is installing doors and windows. Proper installation and alignment of these features are critical to ensure waterproofing. Seals around windows and doors need to be impervious to entry by water.

Tips: In addition to knowing what to expect, step-by-step, in the installation process, here are some tips to help you be better prepared:

  • Use a power drill. Storage shed kits contain more screws than you can imagine.
  • Have a measuring tape, level and ladder handy.
  • Leveling site surface matters if you want pre-drilled holes to line up properly.
  • Add silicone sealant to your supply list so you can seal any holes or seams you suspect may leak.
  • When complete, give the shed a blast with the water hose on all sides, including the roof. Step inside and check for leaks.

Simple, Right? This all sounds quite simple. However, construction is never as simple as it sounds. If you are working with a metal storage shed, one slip of the drill and, WHAM, you have a hole. You've also discovered that the nature of the metal material means you can't do this project all alone. It turns out, a DIY storage shed kit assembly may not be so easy after all. Save yourself lots of time and frustration. Hire a team of professional assemblersContact us . Assembling storage shed kits is our specialty. You'll be glad you did.

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