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  • 16 May, 2017

Using Closet Organizers To Their Maximum

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When you’re looking for more storage options, many people tend to think about garages, mudrooms and closets. This is all well and good, but the best storage comes from utilizing these spaces to their maximum potential. Closet and storage systems, the ones that are built into the existing spaces, are a great way to maximize your storage in a completely functional way.

There are many options to choose from when you start looking at closet storage. Pricing caries, of course, depending on many different factors, but you can always find ways to save money. If you decide to go for a fully customized closet organizer, you need to be prepared to pay the cost of it. They tend to be the most expensive, and the price depends on how many features you decide to add into your space. Customized closets are the most reliable and are usually what many people want to go for, as they are built specifically for the space you have and match your decor and taste. If you’re a very particular person, than this may just be the way to go for your closet.

Pre-built closet organizers are more cost effective, and they come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. You can pick and choose what goes into your closet, but you won’t get that customized feel. It’ a less expensive option and one that works well for many, especially if professionally fitted into your space. Even a pre-built organizer can look custom-made if your installer knows what they’re doing.

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Other places for closet organizers:

Closet organizers aren’t just for closets. As mentioned above, mudrooms and garages are also great spots to use organizers, as well as some other places around the house. Closet installers will definitely be willing to install organizers in other key places in your home.

Garage: When working on organizing your garage, you’ll want a system that features shelves, hanging units and cupboards. You’ll probably need to store potentially dangerous and heavy materials that will need to be kept out of reach of children and animals. If you’re worried about which system is best for your garage, ask one of our professionals for the best options.

Pantry: Pantries are places that tend to be overlooked. However, you can maximize the storage easily, by adding racks, baskets, shelving, drawers and more. Ease of access and usage are the key points in picking an organizer for your pantry.

Mudroom:   Storage in the mudroom is essential. From coats to rain boots to yard supplies, you’ll want a place to store your outside gear while keeping your house looking nice and clean. Closet organizers are the perfect way to get exactly what you need, especially if you decide to go completely customized. Shelves, cupboards and coat racks are the best options for mudrooms, and can be built to look like they’ve belonged to the house since the very beginning.

Wine Cellars: An organized wine cellar is the way to go, and specific organizers can help you achieve a look that is both functional and beautiful. Ask your installer about the best way to both display and store your wine safely.

There are, of course, many factors to take into consideration when you’re planning your organizers. Which brands to go with, what kinds of materials. Do you want wire, wood or metal? Do you need lighting installed as well? How do you best use the space you’ve been given to work with. With so much to consider, it’s always a good idea to talk with a professional about all your options. We’d love to work with you on building the closet and storage units of your dreams, so feel free to contact us  with any of your questions.

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