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  • 13 Mar, 2017

Why Choose Assembly Services?

Picture hanging service in DC MD VA

You’ve spent years building and perfecting your art collection. Now you want to show it off in the way it deserves: displayed in its full, illustrious glory along your home’s walls as your own personal exhibit! There’s just one problem. How are you going to hang it?

The smaller works you’ve amassed may be an easy enough job, but once you’ve moved on to the larger works, you’re basically tackling an entirely different beast. Not only will you have to wrestle to get the painting in just the right position, but try to locate its much smaller hook in the process. Setting the size of the work aside, it’s no secret paintings are valuable, especially if they’re authentic copies! An amateur hanger risks damaging a piece of artwork through accidents and simple lack of experience. So what’s the best solution? Consider relying on professional assembly and installation services  to get the job done!

Why Choose Assembly Services?

Think of how long you’ve been meaning to hang your artwork yourself. While the process sounds simple enough, it quickly proves to be a hassle for the inexperienced in several ways. If you have yet to get around to this task, the strain involved is likely the reason.

Consider this problem eliminated by hiring an assembly service! A professional handyman from an assembly and installation service can quickly and completely assess the best way to hang your artwork—for your walls and  the art itself! They also have all the right tools to ensure proper performance of your art installation . You can rest assured the assembly expert dispatched to your home will follow all the necessary steps to make sure your work is arranged in a level and aesthetically pleasing manner.

Furthermore, assembly services are equipped to handle any setback or worst case scenario. Say you’ve tried to hang your artwork yourself over some complicated fixture, such as over your fireplace or right alongside your entertainment center? This kind of setup can make it difficult to hang your artwork properly. The average assembly and installation services also come with insurance.

What Will Happen If I Hire a Professional?

Once you choose assembly services  to hang your artwork, a professional will visit your place of residence to gauge the extent of the job. We will thoroughly measure the space designated for your artwork and consult you about your plans for how the space should look.

After this step, installation can begin! You don’t have to worry about supplying the handyman with any tools. We will bring them ourselves, ladders and all. All you have to do is sit back and relax, and maybe provide a little guidance on what goes where.

At Any Assembly, we make it our priority to render your assembly needs 100 percent hassle-free!

Be sure to contact us  to learn more about what we have to offer. You can find us throughout the Washington, DC, Maryland, southern Pennsylvania and northern Virginia areas.

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