Inground Basketball Installation

In-Ground Basketball  Installation

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Depending on where you live will determine  
find yourself in a basketball installation, the steps and process is very cookie cutter while the installation itself is far from that.

Is choosing a brand and size that is right for you and your home. There are numerous manufacturers of In-Ground Basketball's that range in quality and price. Whatever you do, please don't be fooled by those one and done to good to be true online promotions that pop up from time to time. We have been in the business for a considerable amount of time and have found that the following manufacturer's products are not just top notch, but their customer service is out of this world!

First Step


This is important because these systems are extremely heavy making it impossible to handle alone. Majority of shipping carriers will either perform a curbside delivery or drop it somewhere close to the curb on your driveway if you choose to have it delivered to your residence.
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Second Step 

Utilities Survey & HOA Approval

It is necessary to receive HOA authorization to install an in-ground basketball system. And it can cost you in fines as well sour your relationship with your neighborhood. In order to be a law-abiding citizen, we must conduct a survey before every installation. With all the advances in technology and infrastructure blindly excavating on a property can cause costly damage.
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Third Step


Installation is ideal when temperatures are above 39 degrees and nightime temps remain above 32 degrees. If Every installation was the same then you could expect your basketball installation to take 1-2 weeks. During the first phase of your project a hole will be dug for the concrete footer. After which, an anchor kit will be installed so the footer can cure. On the last and final appointment our installation professionals will assemble & erect the In-Ground Basketball system for your enjoyment!
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