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Let the Delivery Experts At Any Assembly Make Your Move Quick and Comfortable with Same-Day Furniture Transport and Assembly!

moving services
Any Assembly is happy to provide you with same-day moving services! We will disassemble (as necessary) your furniture, deliver it to your new home, and reassemble/install it all in the same day. We know how important it is to have your favorite furniture waiting for you in your new home, so you can relax at the end of a long moving day!

When you contact Any Assembly, we will provide you with a flat rate for all of your delivery needs. With us, there are never any extra costs or hidden charges! Next, our team will arrive at your home, storage area, or other desired location and carefully wrap your items to ensure their safety before delivering them to your chosen location. We work to fit your needs – just let us know the day and time you want the delivery completed!

Many moving companies charge high minimum fees that don’t make any sense if you are only moving a couple of items. Here at Any Assembly, we are experts at facilitating both small and large moves. If you only need us to deliver one or two items, we won’t overcharge you! Please contact us 24/7 for a free no-obligation consultation and our experts will be happy to discuss your personal moving needs, budget, and timeline!

moving services
Moving & Packing Tips

Whether you are packing yourself or having us pack, we have some helpful instructions for preparing and packing your household items. Please remember, we are not qualified or insured to help disconnect or connect natural gas or liquid propane appliances and water lines.

Preparation and packing prior to move day:

• Start packing now! It often takes longer than you think.

• Box as many things as possible. Items are better protected, easier to lift and stack. (Order Boxes)

• Try to put heavier items in smaller boxes. Do not over or under pack boxes. If you over pack, the box may split. Under packing boxes may result in the top of the box denting or caving in which makes it difficult to stack during transport.

• Use plenty of packing materials – packing paper, bubble wrap, shrink wrap. Be sure to place a generous layer of materials at the bottom of the box containing fragile items.

• This is a great opportunity to clean house and get rid of the items you don’t need or use, no sense in moving or storing those items.

• Remove bed linens and disassemble beds if possible.

• Unplug all electronic devices and disconnect water & gas lines to appliances. Dump grill pans.

• Label boxes with not only contents, but the name of the ROOM in which they should be placed. Indicate “FRAGILE” or “THIS END UP” where appropriate. Also, please label the SIDE of each box so that the destination is visible when the boxes are stacked.

Moving Day:

• Be there on your move day. We’re much more efficient when you can tell us where you want things placed when we bring them into your new home.

• Clear the way both inside and out. Pathways should be as wide as possible and clear of debris, ice, etc.

• Prioritize the items most important for us to move if you are on a tight budget or time frame. (i.e. large or heavy pieces first, appliances, etc.)

• Items of personal importance or sentimental value: Important medicine, cash, wills, family photographs, furs, stamp or coin collections, valuable jewelry. We recommend these types of items stay with you during your move.


Freezers should be completely defrosted one or two days prior to moving. They should be completely emptied, dried and aired to avoid a musty odor. Check with the manufacturer’s service representative to be sure the motor is bolted, if necessary.


Prior to moving, turn off the water and disconnect the water line if you have a cold water dispenser or automatic ice maker, if you don’t have knowledge ,we can do it for you . The water reservoir should also be emptied. Empty your refrigerator, and check with the manufacturer’s service representative to be sure the motor compressor or motor is bolted, if necessary.


Stoves must be disconnected prior to pickup. Be sure gas lines are shut off tight and capped by a qualified technician. For electric ranges, if the coils are loose, they must be removed together with griddles, deep fryers and removable parts, then packed separately.

Microwave Oven:

Any glass trays should be removed, wrapped, and securely packed in a box. If your microwave is large, it will be pad-wrapped on moving day.

Washing Machine:

Clean and dry thoroughly. Disconnect and drain hoses. Wrap metal connector ends of hoses in a towel and place inside washer.

Gas Clothes Dryer:

Have a qualified technician disconnect and cap off the gas line.

Mirrors and Glass or Mirror Tops to Furniture:

Need to be removed and safely padded.


Stemware and glassware should be wrapped individually and placed in a box or dishpack. Do not nest unwrapped glasses in each other. Place wrapped glassware right side up, not on their sides.

Grandfather clocks:

Remove chimes, secure weight chains tightly against the base of the clock with wire or strong string and remove weights and pendulums.

Kitchen Utensils:

Utensils should be clean and placed in boxes. Durable, heavy pieces placed on the bottom, light ones on the top with each piece padded against dents, chipping, or scratching. Toasters, irons, mixers, etc., may be wrapped individually and placed in boxes with other kitchen utensils.


Remove bulbs and ornamental tops and put in a safe place, one you will remember. Small lamps may be wrapped and placed in boxes for safe moving. They may be nested but do not pack them so as to tear lining or puncture parchment shades.


You may protect them with a sheet or mattress pad. We will use moving pads in transit, or if it’s going to storage we recommend mattress covers.


We will move dressers with the drawers intact. However, if it appears quite heavy or needs to be maneuvered around corners, we will take the drawers out.


Take any in your possession you may need. Wrap individually, placing them upright in small containers.

Paintings and Pictures:

Small pictures can be safely placed between the folds of blankets or pillows in drawers or boxes. Large and valuable items must be padded or possibly crated.

Mowers and Gasoline Powered Tools:

Gas tanks must be drained and oil reserves emptied. No flammable mixtures or articles may be transported. (See non-transportable items)


Upright (spinet, console and studio) pianos usually do not require preparation in advance. All pianos are pad-wrapped to protect the surface. Grand or Baby Grand pianos we are capable of moving, but for safety and insurance purposes we require 5 movers for these types of pianos. A qualified service provider could also take care of the preparations for moving a grand piano.

Pool Tables, Tanning Beds, Hot Tubs and Spas:

Moving a pool table is very similar to moving piano, they both have complex pieces and can cost a ton of money if pieces become broken. On average, a pool table can weigh between 500-1,000 lbs so it’s important to assemble a team to have it moved safely.

I am moving my pool table will I have to replace the cloth at that time?
There are a few things to consider with pool table cloth replacement. In most cases we are able to remove the old cloth and re-stretch it back in place at the new location. There are however some things that will prevent us from doing this. If your cloth is more than 15 years old it probably will not be able to be stretched. Maybe your cloth shows excessive wear especially around the pockets, it may not be able to be saved. Or your cloth has a backing attached to the underside and it has become loose or the glue between the cloth and backing has become stiff, it will not be able to be saved.

Pool table moving:

If you would like to use professional movers to move your pool table fill out the form above, but if you would like to do it yourself here are some tips:

There are special dollies in the market designed just for that. Don’t break your back get yourself one. You would also need some blankets and don’t forget at least 3-4 guys just to make sure you handle the pool table carefully. Don’t ever try to move a pool table as one unit. Disassemble it and mark everything, you would want to put it together exactly the same way. Remove the slate and transport them vertically unless you have prepared a crate for them. An average pool table weighs about 1,000 lb, make sure that your vehicle can handle it

Breaking down the pool table can take on average an hour from start to finish. It’s going to take a team of three to four friends to help with the entire process.


If you decide to do your own packing or partial packing, remember that the moving company is not liable for damage to boxes packed by the customer. However, if there is obvious exterior damage on packing up your goods, make a note on the inventory sheet of your shipment. The driver has the right to refuse to accept any carton that may be improperly packed. If the driver has to re-pack cartons that the customer has packed, additional charges will apply.

Non-transportable and Non-stored Items

Hazardous Materials:

Car Batteries
Charcoal and Charcoal Lighter Fluid
Chemistry Sets
Cleaning Solvents
Lamp Oil
Liquid Bleach
Liquid Propane Tanks (Gas for Grills)
Motor Oil
Nail Polish Remover
Paint Thinner
Pool chemicals
Un-emptied mowers and gasoline powered tools
Weed killer


Plants, food, or living things that may die or spoil in transit. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our office by

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