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Professional Playground Relocation Service
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Playgrounds are large investments for organizations. However, there can be times when you decide to move and you want to take your playground to your new location. Any Assembly is one of the reliable companies in Windsor Mill and the rest of Maryland that offers a playground relocation service.

Relocating and re-installing a playground is harder compared to installing a new playground because t needs special care and professional workmanship so that every hardware and equipment will not intact and complete.

Moreover, although playgrounds need to be relocated, they should be installed exactly as how they were installed the first time, from the position of every screw and bolt. We can definitely do this for you! Playground relocation will no longer be a burden for you because you now have us by your side. Our professional experience in the field assures that your playground relocation will be handled by experts.

Here at Any Assembly, we will guide you all throughout the relocation process. We are highly committed to building strong relationships with our valued clients like you, which then enables us to do the job right and on time. Let us be your playground relocation contractor today!

Playset relocation – next day service

With the affordable relocation rates that we offer, you can save more money while you are on the move. We do not want you to encounter people who lack the expertise in the field and deliver you low-quality work. It is better for you to trust professionals.

Any Assembly has passed the standards of the industry and has been successfully establishing its name in Windsor Mill and the rest of Maryland. So, for your playground relocation needs, just call Any Assembly and we will be at your service right away.

Our playground relocation services include:

  • Comprehensive removal of playground equipment.
  • Cataloging and inventory of all playground equipment, parts, and their condition.
  • Bagging and Labeling of all of the playground parts and hardware.
  • Preparing and packaging the equipment for transport.
  • Storing the equipment
  • Re-installation and transporting of the equipment to the new site.

Any Assembly is the playground relocation experts that you can trust in Windsor Mill. We are providing solutions and products that are tailored for your playground relocation needs. Our service is diversified and has the highest quality of qualifications and experience just to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

So, if your organization is planning to move to a new location and you have a playground that you do not intend to leave behind, relocate it with us! Any Assembly is more than willing to do the job professionally for you! CALL US at +1 410-493-4488 TODAY!

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