5 Ways to Modernize Your Cubicle Installation

  • By Alex B
  • 07 Sep, 2017

Do you realize you spend over 20%  of your waking hours working? This time will be more enjoyable if you actually like your space.

Most typical office workers find themselves in drab cubicle installations that stifle their productivity.

Are you one of the many working constantly in an office cube? Need some ideas to amp up your space? Read below for five ways to modernize your cube!

1. Focus on the Large Surfaces

modern office cubicles assembly

While in an office cube, you are likely dealing with boring gray or white wall panels. There are many solutions, but considering many cube walls are like bulletin boards, consider pinning fabric to them.

Pick a soothing and neutral color or consider a vibrant pattern to show off your personality. If you don't want to use fabric, bring in some of your favorite work friendly posters from home.

The floor is another large area with potential for decoration. Try bringing a colorful rug to add a cozy touch to your cube.

Other big focal points in an office cube are furniture pieces. If yours is currently not doing it for you, consider purchasing new pieces like a chair that will compliment your cubicle and be better for your back.

Consider using an assembly service  to ensure any furniture purchased is put together correctly and efficiently.

2. Practice your Green Thumb

Most cubicles do not have a window. Bringing nature into your space is still important, plants and flowers increase productivity during the day.

Consider spider plants or succulents  to get your green space started. These both are hardy plants that tend do can help increase productivity in an office setting.

If you really don't believe you can keep a plant living, opt for artificial options. While they don't have all the same benefits as real plants, they will add a pop of color to your cubicle space.

3. Lighting for your Cubicle Installation

Lighting is another factor that can impact your productivity. Combat the office standard and awful fluorescent lighting with lamps. These will provide you with softer lighting.

Maybe even try Christmas lights to add another soft and cozy element to your work environment you.

4. Create a Gallery Wall

office furniture assembly service

If you have a large, blank cube wall, consider utilizing cheap picture frames to create a modern gallery wall. Pick up a bunch of matching frames and put images of your loved ones and pretty scenery.

Your coworkers will be jealous of the museum-like art display.

5. Get Creative with Accessories

The sky is the limit with accessories. Have fun with this part and utilize things that are decorative, but also functional in your cubicle installation.

For example, if you feel like you don't have enough privacy, search around for a folding screen with a calming nature scene. It looks pretty and can be opened when you want to focus and not be bothered.

Final Notes

Now you know some great ways to modernize your cubicle installation. If you are ready to make some big changes, feel free to contact us  to help you with your office furniture needs.
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