5 Outdoor Lounge Chair Ideas to Jazz Up Your Yard

  • By Alex B
  • 01 Sep, 2017

Your backyard is the ultimate summer hang-out. It's where friends and neighbors gather to enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and barbecue .

Whether you're planning a quiet, intimate evening or a big summer bash, the right seating is essential. Don't let budget concerns get in the way of creating your ideal outdoor paradise. There are plenty of cool trends available that are shipped in boxes.

Check out the latest trends in outdoor lounge chairs available with some assembly required .

Style: Modern

outdoor benches and rectangle table

If you really want to wow the neighbors consider a hanging lounger , also called a floating chaise. Unlike their distant cousin, the hammock, hanging lounges are more compact, requiring less space, and look cutting-edge.

Assembly Tips:

  • The frame can be very heavy which may require two people for assembly. Make sure to assemble the product in the area you plan to use it.
  • A floating chaise has only one point of support so proper assembly is important for safety. When attaching the figure eight hooks to the carabiner, secure the carabiner tightly.
  • When attaching the canvas or mesh lounge support, make sure to follow the recommended pattern for weaving the lace through the grommets. Keep the rope taut during binding.

Style: Homey

A comforting trend in patio furniture, especially in outdoor lounge chairs, brings the ambiance of the living room outside. Guests will feel right at home when they put up their feet in your outdoor recliner.

Assembly Tips

  • Assembling your outdoor recliner will require two people; some of the pieces are very heavy
  • Each side of the reclining mechanism will have up to 10 pieces of hardware, including tiny plastic washers; use a dark cloth to lay out the hardware to avoid losing tiny pieces
  • Follow instructions very carefully when attaching the back panel to the reclining mechanism; incorrect assembly may cause damage to the mechanism.

Style: Industrial

A simple metal-framed helicopter lounger is all the rage in minimalists camps. But simple does not mean plain. The sunbed's aesthetic versatility can be played up with the variety of patterns, colors, and textures available in body cushions.

Assembly Tips

  • When connecting pieces of the metal frame, align holes exactly before threading bolts through; offset alignment may cause the bolts to become stripped
  • As you connect each piece of the frame, hand tighten the bolts no more than 3-4 revolutions; do not tighten until the entire frame is assembled
  • Tighten bolts a few revolutions at a time, alternating back and forth between the two bolts on opposite sides; this ensures your lunge frame remains square.

Style: Rustic

Outdoor lounge chairs made from natural materials like teak, acacia, cedar, and mahogany create an outdoor oasis with a calming subdued vibe. Wood chaise lounges fit beautifully into your already existing decor as single pieces.

Assembly Tips:

  • Most wooden lounges are assembled using dowels so make sure to have wood glue on hand
  • Don't worry if dowels don't go in flush (it's normal for them to stick out about 1/4 in.), they can be chiseled off easily
  • when sanding off dried glue it is recommended to use sandpaper no more than 250 grit
  • Take your time with assembly as sharp edges of tools can slip, leaving deep gouges in the soft wood.
outdoor coffee table outdoor settee

Style: Classic

If tradition, simplicity, and comfort are your style stick with the classic chaise-lounge . Like the industrial sunbed, these timeless outdoor lounge chairs are completely customizable.

Adjustable backrests and wheels make storage an easy task.

Assembly Tips:

  • A tedious task during assembly can be attaching the wheels correctly. Make sure to have a wrench, screwdriver and possibly an Allen wrench nearby.
  • If the cotter pin (the metal fastener with two tines) is not the spring type, have pliers on hand to bend tines once threaded through the axle.

Outdoor Lounge Chairs - some assembly required

The finishing touch to your outdoor entertaining should involve pouring iced tea (or cocktail) and relaxing on one of your new patio chairs with a good book or some great conversation.

You've managed to save your money by purchasing your patio furniture unassembled. Save your sanity as well.

Before you pick up an Allen or hex wrench contact Any Assembly  for a free quote. We'll have you and have your new outdoor oasis assembled for you in no time.

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