Complete Your Home Gym With an Elliptical!

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  • 13 Mar, 2017

Elliptical assembly, disassembly and repair service

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Fitness trends come and go rapidly. What was once hot typically turns to not in a short time. Think about it: nobody takes aerobics classes any longer. Nowadays, yoga, spin and pilates are all the rage.

Many initially thought the elliptical trainer was just a fad cardio machine. They were wrong! The elliptical machine has risen in popularity over the last 10 years, nearly overtaking the treadmill as the favorite machine for many gym goers to do their cardio routine.

Why Do You Need an Elliptical Trainer?

What’s better than doing your cardio on an elliptical machine at the gym? Doing cardio on one of these machines in your home gym! Now, before you go hiring an elliptical assembly company  to help you install one of these bad boys, you need to know a few things—mainly, the vast benefits of elliptical trainers. Here are just a few reasons you need an elliptical trainer in your home gym:

·       Easy on the Joints :  Cardio can be hard on your body. While running, biking and more can be great for your health, your joints often take a beating. The elliptical trainer completely changes that. You can get your cardio in on one of these machines without any wear and tear taking places on your knees, ankles and hips.

·       Perfect For All:  Due to the nature of elliptical machines, nearly every age and fitness level can exercise on them. No matter who uses your home gym, it’s likely they’ll be able to train on an elliptical safely.

·       Great Multi-Tasking Machine:  Not only does the elliptical trainer workout your lower body and heart, but you can also get an upper body workout. Not only that, but when you use an elliptical machine, you can multi-task by reading, checking email or watching television - all at the same time.

Types of Elliptical We Install

At Any Assembly, we offer elliptical bike assembly for nearly every brand you can think of. Our professional, experienced staff has seen it all. Our elliptical assembly services go from NordicTrack to TechnoGym to Cardio Zone and more. If it’s an elliptical machine, we can install it.

Hiring a Professional Elliptical Assembly Company

Before you hire a professional elliptical assembly company to help you install, you need to know the benefits of doing just that. See, we’ve seen a number of people get hurt trying to install large pieces of gym equipment in their home alone. It’s dangerous to assemble your home gym without professional help.

As elliptical machines can be large pieces of gym equipment, many find the devices too heavy and large to move without help. Instead of throwing out their back or tweaking their knees, these people choose to work with professional movers and installers.

Any Assembly for All

If you’re in the Baltimore, Washington, D.C. or Virginia areas and looking for a professional elliptical assembly company, get in touch .  At Any Assembly, we specialize in helping families install elliptical machines in their home gyms. Our expert staff is sure to have your new equipment installed quickly and safely!

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