Professional Pool Table Moving Services

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  • 13 Mar, 2017

Professional Pool Table Moving Services

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You did it. You bought your dream house and decked that bad boy out. You bought the furniture you’ve always wanted. You’re creating a space that is truly you and built perfectly for your family too. Your wife may have nixed your idea of keeping the pool table in the kitchen, but still - everything else is amazing about your dream abode.

The decorating process started without a hitch. Everything was in place and ready to roll. You then realized the centerpiece of your basement wasn’t here yet. Where was the pool table? You remembered the pool table was being delivered a few days later. So you wait for what feels like an eternity. Then the billiard table arrives.

It’s exactly what you had imagined. Giant, but there’s one issue. The table is huge and not put together. Normally, you’d get some elbow grease together and assemble your pool table. Now you have back issues. You realize you can’t get your pool table in the right place and installed properly by yourself.

Professional Pool Table Assembly Services

Enter the professional pool table assembly  services from Any Assembly. Our expert staff is ready and willing to help you move and assemble your new favorite toy. All you have to do is get in touch! We hope you understand moving such a large item without professional help is a recipe for disaster.

Pool tables are huge and heavy. You have to be careful when installing these items or injuries will occur. We’ve gotten calls from people who tried to install their billiards table alone but ended up in the hospital with hernias, slipped disks, blown out knees and much more.

Luckily, at Any Assembly, we hire professionals who have assembled and moved hundreds of pool tables throughout the years. We know how to handle heavy objects in a safe manner. Our staff is also fully insured to ensure you have no worries when working with our team of veterans.

Professional Pool Table Moving Services

Maybe you don’t need any help from furniture assembly companies, but you do need to move a hefty billiards table from one room to another. Maybe some stairs are involved. Maybe you already have an injury and can’t do the job alone. That’s what we are here for.

Not only does Any Assembly install and assemble pool tables, but we can also help you move the table around your current residence until you find the perfect location. Many times our clients call needing help moving a billiards table from the first floor to the second one or vice versa. We know this is difficult and we’re here to help.

Any Assembly to the Rescue

If you’re looking for moving and assembly services in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., or Virginia, get in touch today .  At Any Assembly, we offer professional pool table assembly services sure to keep your family playing without paying for it with your health. Hire our expert staff to assemble your billiards table and save your body from pain today.

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