What Should I Look for in an Assembly Service?

  • By Marketing Team
  • 08 Mar, 2017

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So you’ve decided to hire an assembly service to handle your new or recently moved furniture. Perhaps you’ve tried assembling it yourself, but found the instructions too complicated and rage-inducing to continue, or you simply don’t have the time to put together your furniture. Regardless of your reasons, you’ll want someone who can do the job right,  which means hiring only the best service you can find. But how do you go about choosing a great assembly service? Keep reading for a few handy tips and steps on finding the ideal handyman service!


Step One: Consider Your Budget

You never want to overspend under any circumstances, especially when you're talking about assembly and installation services . Always take your budget into account before you hire a service, and be sure to do your research! While you always want an affordable service, you don’t want to immediately go with the cheapest place you find. The affordability and quality of a service are never mutually exclusive. This leads to our second point…

Step Two: Research Any and Every Potential Company

Before you pick which company to hire, you’ll definitely want to find out everything about the company that you can. For starters, you should verify whether each company is bonafide and licensed to perform furniture installations . If you’re looking for professionals to handle your assembly needs, then that's exactly who you should hire.

Check up on the history of their business, how long it has existed and whether it has any affiliates or former customers who have offered any feedback about the services offered. You don’t want to end up with an amateur handyman who’ll end up completing the job no better than you could on your own.

Once you’ve verified that they’re a solid company, look further into the details about their services. This goes beyond pricing to get into the real “meat” of what they can offer you—though pricing is still important! Figure out the basic offerings of the company you’re looking to hire, and whether they offer any sort of insurance or coverage just in case things should go wrong. Also look into whether the company’s pricing is per hour or one linear rate. This last tip ties into step one.

Step Three: Ask Questions

Many furniture assemblers  offer some sort of consultation for free in order to gauge (and help you  gauge) the extent of the job you want done. This is a great chance to get to know the company in question and learn whether they’re the right fit for sure. Ask them more about their services when you meet, and what all is included whether as a bonus or as part of the base service package.

We guarantee that by taking these few steps into account, your search for a great assembly service should go much more smoothly! Contact us  for your next furniture assembly job. Our reputation for excellence and ability to work within your budget means you can have your new home or office looking great in no time!

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