How to Properly Anchor Furniture Around Your Home

  • By Vlad Shymko
  • 28 Apr, 2017

Anchoring furniture. What is it for?

Large pieces of furniture like dressers and entertainment centers are a necessity in most homes. If you have small children  or pets, you might be worried about safety.

What if the worst happens and this furniture falls over? That could be disastrous.

If you know how to anchor furniture, you don't have to fret. You'll have the peace of mind knowing your furniture will not move.

Not sure how to anchor your furniture? Here are some great tips to get you started.

bookcase anchoring silver spring

1. Get the Right Sized Furniture

If you have a 40-inch TV and a 20-inch stand, you can't guarantee that the TV won't fall over. Sure, the TV may fit on the stand, but it's not as secure.

This is dangerous. If anyone is in the room when the TV falls, they could be hurt, especially pets and small children.

Even if no one is in range when the TV tips, it could be irreparably broken. That's a pricey replacement.

2. Keep Furniture Low to the Floor

The lower the furniture is to the floor, the fewer chances of someone getting hurt. Look for entertainment centers, dressers, and similar furniture that are long and squat instead of narrow and tall.

3. Use Securing Straps

Even a lean dresser can fall over if a curious child starts exploring and climbing. To keep your family safe in all scenarios, consider investing in  securing straps .

These anchor furniture. A TV would be strapped to the entertainment center and a dresser would be secured to the wall.

anchor furniture to the wall

4. And Our Last Tip to Anchor Furniture? Build the Right Way

You may have ordered flat-pack furniture with the intention of   building it  yourself. Sometimes you open the box and you're overwhelmed with how many pieces there are. The instructions are complicated.

Still, you grab your tools and get building. You think the furniture you just assembled is secure, but how can you really be sure?

It's normal to have these worries, as you want to keep your family safe. That said, you know you can't order pre-assembled furniture. You wouldn't be able to squeeze it through your front door.

Luckily, you don't have to. Any Assembly takes the guesswork out of building furniture. We deliver your furniture to your door and build it for you.

What if you ordered pre-assembled furniture? They take care of that, too. Any Assembly will disassemble the furniture, transport it to your house, and then reassemble it onsite.

Other   services  include furniture installation, maintenance, and furniture ordering.


Part of keeping your family safe is knowing how to anchor furniture. This protects small children and pets from being hurt from furniture that has tipped over.

By using securing straps and buying furniture that's the right size, you're well on your way to safe proofing your house. If you run into any snags when building your furniture, remember to call Any Assembly.

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