In-Ground Basketball Hoop Installation

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  • 13 Mar, 2017

In-Ground Basketball Hoop Installation Service

In-Ground Basketball Hoop Installation Service in Alexandria VA

You may not be ready for March Madness just yet, but it’s time to play some hoops, baby! You’re ready to get out there on the concrete and show off your skills. The neighbors won’t want any of your Iverson-esque crosser or your Curry-like threeball.

There’s just one problem: you haven’t installed your hoop yet. You picked out the perfect spot on the driveway. You went to the sporting goods store and found the perfect in-ground basketball hoop for your home. Then you ripped open the packaging and realized you had no idea what you were doing.

In-Ground Basketball Hoop Installation

You thought getting the basketball hoop setup was going to be simple. After all, that’s what the box said. Only one hour of setup time and you’ll be balling out. The problem is you spent the last hour trying to figure out how to open the box.

Don’t worry about it. in ground basketball hoop installation  isn’t easy. In fact, even some of the most handy of men struggle to set up their hoop properly and efficiently. That’s just fine. Properly installing your hoop takes a lot of know-how and effort.

Luckily, the professionals at Any Assembly are here to help. We’ve installed hundreds of hoops over the years. We can install:

·      Portable basketball systems

·      In-ground adjustable basketball goals

·      In-ground fixed-height basketball systems

·      Roof-mounted basketball hoops

...And more!

Understanding In-Ground Basketball Hoop Installation

Obviously, there’s a little more difficulty with installing an in-ground hoop over a portable one. We all know this, but in-ground installations can get complex. First, there’s putting the hoop together. Next you have to dig into the ground and create a place to stick the hoop in. This can require a lot of machinery, depending on the situation. If you’ve already had an in-ground goal in the same spot, a jack hammer could be required.

Once you have the hole dug and the hoop ready, you pour concrete and let the hoop set. While you may be ready and willing to start playing ball then and there, you’ll need to let the goal properly set for a decent amount of time before you start shooting away.

At Any Assembly, we also offer services to dig out and dispose of older basketball hoops and systems. Many love the ease of buying a new goal and letting our professionals handle every other aspect of the process.

Get In Touch, Get Hooping

We offer the most convenient assembly and installation services  around. If you’re looking for in-ground basketball hoop installation services in the greater Washington, D.C. metro area, then get in touch  today. Our professional and experienced staff have installed hundreds of hoops. We’d love to help you stroke some jumpers, too!

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